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    Kam Yip Road, 2nd Floor, No. 69 High-tech Zone Venture Research Park A District 8 letter Lei Technology Park

Company CultureIntegrity、Dedication、Unity、Innovation

  ◆Our Vision: Becoming the brand leader in the field of China’s flow measurement

  ◆Our Mission: Being responsible to develop national brand, as well as creating more values for customers, succeeding employees and returning to shareholders through our products and services

  ◆Our Values: Integrity Dedication   Unity   Innovation

     Common values so that we integrate with our business, we want to excellent products, reliable quality, excellent value for money and good service to meet the highest demands of customers, and win the trust of long-term customers.

     Honesty: The company advocates honesty, trustworthiness of the work attitude and relationships. Companies to promote an honest man, working sense, the company reused treat people with sincerity, delegate to believe. Credibility is the life employment guidelines.

     Dedicated: Dongfeng Electrical and Mechanical promote employees threw himself into the company's business, hard work, continuous improvement, the only way the company can survive in the fierce competition in the market. Companies require employees to maintain a serious, rigorous style of work and the courage and responsible work attitude, the courage to correct mistakes and shortcomings in the work, the only way to continuously improve the quality of our products, so that the community, customers, employees, shareholders responsible.

     Solidarity: Enterprise development is inseparable from the joint efforts of all staff of the company, Dongfeng Electrical and Mechanical promote employees to establish a relationship of trust, mutual cooperation to maintain attitude at work, through mutual understanding, positive communication, to reach common ground, lay down the purpose of the dispute, forming a team together in an invincible position in the competition.

     Innovation: Innovation involves the whole process of our business management, including business models, business philosophy, management systems, technology products, incentives and other aspects of distribution and marketing. We want to continue to learn and improve, independent and creative development of its core technology and product lines to attract talented people to achieve the best allocation of management resources of various companies, holding companies in the industry leader's competitiveness, efforts to achieve China's industrial the leading brand in the field of flow measurement a bright future.