Cosmopolis & Robert Pattinson- Unique Photo on distributor Tanweer Group’s Web Site

I’ve noticed how attractive and colorful Tanweer Films website is before, but hadn’t noticed this before- its page on Cosmopolis. I love the urban landscape in background, and a different photo of Robert Pattinson in a suit than what we’ve always seen with his costuming for Eric Packer.

Source: Tanweer Group Site (home page). To get to the Cosmopolis page, click on Production (bottom)  then Content Distribution (top right), then Production again (top right), and find it scrolling at the bottom. Their twitter is @TanweerFilms

Current Robert Pattinson film, Life– filming completed Spring 2014, theatrical release expected 2015:

I think this photo of Pattinson from the same photoshoot in which I selected a photo for my Life Film Blog, too. A screencap is below. I wanted a photo of the actor with hair that was similar to 50’s styles, in a suit.

Here’s the first panel of my Life Film Blog site home page. If you’re interested in this film (also starring Dane DeHaan playing James Dean, follow and @lifefilm_blog. Robert Pattinson plays the Magnum photographer Dennis Stock. It is the story of the two men’s road trip in 1955 to Dean’s home town and New York city, to develop a photo essay of the rising young actor that was published in Life Magazine.



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