Robert Pattinson & David Cronenberg at Cannes 2012: Rob’s “pinch me” Moment? PHOTO & Quotes on Rob the Cinephile

A Robert Pattinson twitter fan account posted this photo of Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg at the Cannes 2012 red carpet for Cosmopolis. This seems to be Pattinson’s hand-in-the-hair version of “pinch me, is this really happening to me?” David Cronenberg seems to understand what the young man is feeling. 

What a thrill this must have been to have his film (he played the starring role, Eric Packer, in Cosmopolis) show in competition at Cannes–especially for a cinephile like Robert Pattinson. The photo inspired me to do a brief post on this.

A bit about Robert Pattinson and his love and knowledge of film:

Rob’s spoken of watching many independent films and following the Cannes film festival while growing up in London. Both David Cronenberg and Juliette Binoche related how knowledgeable Pattinson is about cinema.  Binoche noted his extensive knowledge of French cinema, Cronenberg did too, and that his exposure was broad,  including the history of cinema. Also, Reese Witherspoon who co-starred with Pattinson in Water For Elephants, expressed surprise that Rob knew of an old Gary Cooper film she mentioned.

I’m planning a post on Robert Pattinson the cinephile for my “Pattinson: The REAL DEAL” series at That series presents years of quotes from people in the film industry and others who know Pattinson- praising both his talent as an actor/artist, and his winning personality.

Here’s just the quotes I mentioned above about Rob, there’s more on this topic to come @LFMoreFilmBlog

“I don’t think his Twilight fans realise this about him, but he’s really an aficionado about art cinema. I mean, on the set I’d find him talking to Juliette Binoche about obscure French cinema, (chuckles) so you know, he brings a real depth of understanding of the history and art of cinema and all of those things mean that you have a lot of power and a lot of responsiveness from your actor as a director. It’s like driving the Ferrari instead of driving, you know, a Volkwagen Beetle.” ~David Cronenberg

“[Robert Pattinson] is an incredible cinema buff who for several years saw two to three movies a day. He is a fan of “Les amants du Pont Neuf” (“The Pont Neuf lovers”).” ~Juliette Binoche

“I met Robert for the first time on set. I must admit that I had not seen his films. And I found in him a passion for cinema exhibition, he knows cinema  much better than me. It was nice and fun to work with him, he is a very ambitious man: he wants to produce and direct his films a day.”  ~Juliette Binoche Io Donna (translated)

“He’s a cinephile. For a young guy to have seen so many movies is really amazing,” Witherspoon says. “I mentioned Design for Living”—the Ernst Lubitsch-Gary Cooper comedy from 1933—“and I was so surprised he had seen it.” ~Reese Witherspoon Vanity Fair

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