One Year Later: “Rob appears on the Walls of Cannes during the Festival” & a Game-Changing Role

When I first saw this at the start of Cannes 2013, I thought is this FOR REAL? I remember Robert Pattinson pictured in front of the poster of Marilyn Monroe last year at Cannes, and thinking, how cool is that? He certainly looks the part of a big movie star. We heard Rob say he was amazed he had a film at Cannes, that he thought it might take 10-15 years for something like that to happen for him- and there he was. But to have this displayed like this at the next festival, too?

So here we are today, the same date that ‘Cosmopolis’ premiered in competition, at Cannes 2012. It was reported to have the longest standing ovation of all the films in competition.

From the site, @Pattinson_AW, the description from the festival and their comment:

‘Cannes fait le mur’ : As part of this exhibition planned during the Cannes Film Festival since 2004, monumental posters are placed on the walls and the canvas sheets which are suspended in Rue d’Antibesgive some dream and glamor to the passersby. The photographs are scattered across the city, an opportunity to discover a movie star at every walk. (Mairie de Cannes)

It seems like the sun is shining right now on this young actor

Source  Please visit this site for a few additional views of this poster.

Pattinson- What a difference a year makes

So far to come in a year. Robert took a chance with a film he was candid about intimidating him a bit when the opportunity was presented. What resulted was a terrific performance and a great deal of  praise. I find this inspiring; take a chance and look what might happen? It was a career game-changer, he was no longer just a world-wide movie star,  but now a formidable actor.  Here’s our abbreviated paragraph of praise from the collection of quotes in the critics’ “praise” link.

Robert Pattinson (“The Artist Formerly Known As R-Pattz”-BestForFilm) as Eric Packer was : terrific, mesmerising, magnetic, great, subtle, spectacular, “acting manifesto”, excellent, incendiary, mature [performance], “complete marvel”, brilliant, “complex and compelling” [performance], “convincing as hell”, career-making, enigmatic, “sensationally controlled, astonishing, “will go on to be an acting titan”, “played to perfection by”, remarkable, shines, excels, accomplished, delectably brilliant, assured, cinematic revelation, tremendous, “bravura performance”, “impressively self-assured”, “impressive”, “perfect Eric Packer”, strong chops, “truly spectacular actor”, “most cryptically haunting performance” [seen in years], wildly wonderful, “admirably stretching his chops”, commanding, compelling, is outstanding, remarkable, nuanced, “powerhouse of depth and nuance”, “brilliant, actually”, masterful, “a force”, revelatory, “astonishingly assured”, “slithering and wire-tight”, affecting, “in control”, “can act his pants off”, “nails” [the tricky, precise tone], “can act his mother*beep*ing ass off, “more than his haircut”, talented, “the real deal”, “carries the movie the way Michael Jordan carried the Chicago Bulls”, “proves he can act”, flawless, “delivers completely and entirely”, astonishing, stunning, “brilliantly modulated”, incredible, riveting, layered, “one of best of the year”, brave, “brilliantly nuanced”, fantastic, “ever impressive”, “has major talent”, “*beep*ing revelation, [Pattinson] “blew my mind”.

Robert now has many exciting roles to film, a number of them announced around the time of the festival. See our post that keeps track of his current work at “2013 Film Project Status”

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Pausner —

Just awesome. Everything has gone quite well with the film as well. The film is still being talked about and may continue on for quite awhile longer.

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