Featured Review: @ctaylor on ‘Cosmopolis’ – “A Mood Piece”; “Pattinson’s acting near-perfect”

@ctaylor send his review to me and I’m glad he did.  He’s got strong praise for Pattinson, and I wholeheartedly agree as do many critics and bloggers. What particularly tickles me about this review is that Taylor talks about this being a “mood piece” – the “hypnotic vibe is contagious” if you just allow it to be.

I want to say a few things first. I’ve been mulling this over  for a while now, with a post coming soon, along with another Jordan wrote about the dream-like nature of the film. I want to start exploring why people react so differently to this film- and why the same people can change how they feel and think about it with a second, third, etc. viewing.

I think people think because of the dialogue and the high-level topics the characters speak of, that this is a film to THINK about, it is to be analyzed for meaning. It can be, but I think first of all, it’s a film to FEEL. I think people feel provoked because Eric’s journey speaks to some basic truths about our lives. I think it’s also designed to get under your skin- Cronenberg’s speciality is, after all, provoking the audience. Has anyone called him the Prince of Provocation? If not, I just did! Good art does that. ~BuckyW

Here’s a portion of the review; please visit the source link below for the full. Photos are from the source, they are production stills.

COSMOPOLIS c. taylor May 17, 2013

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“Love him or hate him, and I’m sure there’s a fair amount that could go either way, Robert Pattinson is here to stay.

Pattinson’s performance in Cosmopolis is near-perfect.  That is to say – this film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Don DeLillo is strangely literal.  Not all written dialogue sounds as good when spoken aloud as it does in your head.  With Cosmopolis, if you ever do adjust to the cadence and language of its cast of characters, you may have already given up on the plot.  People seem to have confused this oddness with Pattinson’s (et al) ability to act.

This is a mistake.”

eOne Films presents Cosmopolis

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“I’ll be the first to admit it took three attempts to watch Cosmopolis through to its finale.  And even then, I wasn’t sure I liked it.

I want to.  Does that count?

I want to like the womb like metaphor of Eric’s stretch limo in which he conducts the majority of his life.  I want to like the cast of characters that cater to Eric’s every whim, every need.  I want to like – but immediately hate – the language of the film, the way the characters speak.”

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But back to Pattinson.

I meant what I said.  Pattinson’s performance as Eric Packer is cold on the surface but emotionally flammable internally.  Oh you see what I did there?  You may think I’m referencing Pattinson’s Twilight days, but the truth is there is no Edward Cullen to be found in his performance.  In fact, Pattinson’s stoicism is so fragile in its construction, it takes but little to bring forth the cracks where the heat bubbles up.  Pattinson easily turns it on and turns it off, at once miserable and yet exultant.  Back and forth and back again.  Pattinson proves he is not afraid to be ugly and be seen doing ugly things.

eOne Films presents Cosmopolis

“The upside to Cosmopolis, and if I’m honest there are many, is that its hypnotic vibe is contagious.  Once you are inside its world, if you ever make it in, you will remain there for the remainder of the story emerging on the other side strangely quiet and maybe a little introspective.”


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janet interdonato

i saw movie cosmopolis in new yorks lower east side- there was excitiment in the air before people entered the theater-cronenberg fans and robert pattinson fans under the same roof. i loved the film-and thought robert pattinson was a perfect eric packer. i knew he had it in him to give a great performance. this is just the begining for mr pattinson. he is young and still learing his craft. he will succeed. he has ambition and lots of talent

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