Survey Opportunity: UBC Dept. of Theatre & Film – 10-15 min Survey on ‘Cosmopolis’ and “Digital Cinema in Transition”

There’s an opportunity through the University of British Columbia, Department of Theater and Film, to add your voice to their survey of Digital Cinema experiences. They are looking at several films and ‘Cosmopolis’ is one of them. It took only 15 minutes of my time, but if you don’t have any comments to add, it would take less than 10 minutes. I’m all for helping researchers who are trying to support quality film experiences. They are not sharing their findings with the ‘Cosmopolis’ production, although they are aware this academic study is being done. It is an anonymous survey.

Click here to access this page and take the survey:  “Cosmopolis and Digital Cinema Survey” here


Welcome to our project ‘Digital Cinema in Transition’. Here, you can tell us about your interest—and fascination—with the film COSMOPOLIS. You can describe ‘how you actively engage with the film’, and, especially, ‘how you interact with its trans-media components’. If you need more background information on the film, please click here.

How do you engage with the film

COSMOPOLIS and its trans-media?

We are a team of researchers from the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada. We want to find out how digital media is transforming your engagement with feature films and its trans-media components, through the use of mobile devices, social media and crowdsourcing.

The term ‘Digital Cinema’ encapsulates media expressions of a wider digital media ecology. Here, the conceptions, articulations and manifestations of digital media, including cinema, are fluid expressions for creating community, meaning and sub-cultures, gesturing between films, games, apps, images, narrative and performance.

If you would like to find out more about the entire project, please visit

We have set up an online-survey to ask audiences about their opinions on 5 recent films.

We want to know how you creatively interact with digital cinema and its stories.”


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