Critics’ High Praise for Robert Pattinson’s Career-Making Performance in ‘Cosmopolis’ (Collected Quotes, last update 2/2/14)

All through 2012, films critics raved about Robert Pattinson’s performance. This post will leave the reader with no doubt about that. We first have a convincing short-story, in a very impressive list of adjectives collectively used to describe Rob’s achievement playing Eric Packer. Following that is the longer-story- well worth the time- of direct quotes from top critics and bloggers.

What did the film community think of the lead actor of ‘Cosmopolis? Was Robert Pattinson’s performance all it “was cracked up to be” by the auteur director, David Cronenberg? This post shows the answer to be an emphatic YES.  Robert Pattinson is indeed, thought to be a very promising acting Talent.

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How it Started: David Cronenberg Told Us We’d Be Blown Away by Rob’s Performance

Back in the fall of 2011 after the film shoot was over but well before its Cannes premiere, David Cronenberg started talking about Rob Pattinson’s impressive acting in ‘Cosmopolis.’ When I heard him talking like this back then I though, this man thinks “he’s got something” [with his leading man’s performance.]

    • Cronenberg speaking to The Playlist (IndieWire) in November 2011: the writer said the director couldn’t be happier with his choice: “He’s fantastic in it. They’ll see him do things they’ve never seen him do, believe me. They’ll be blown away.”  
    • Cronenberg speaking to Josh Horowitz of MTV VIDEO“Really, he’s fantastic, he’s sensational. I tell you he’s a great actor. It’s obvious in the movie, it’s not like maybe yes, maybe no, it’s obvious.”
    • Cronenberg in January 2012, in response to ‘Cosmopolis’ winning the MTV Movie Brawl for Must-See Film of 2012: Cronenberg: “[Fans who voted] won’t be disappointed in Rob. He is fantastic.”

I like to think this blog follower is right & this is where Rob is reading them! ~BuckyW


What Did the Critics’ Say? Here’s a One-Paragraph Short-Story

So that’s the opinion of an auteur director who’s known to have great judgment in choosing his actors, and to get tremendous performances from the talent he casts. So, did critics agree with him?  We know the film was highly regarded by top critics, see our LINK here: Our List Compiling All **Best Film 2012** Lists Made by ‘Cosmopolis’

What about the lead actor’s performance? This was a role where Pattinson had to carry the film, as he was in every scene and almost every shot of the movie. He was also playing against top, older and more experienced international acting talent like Giamatti, Binoche, Morton, and Amalric. Did he deliver?

This post should make the answer very clear that Robert Pattinson indeed proved to film critics to be all he “was cracked up to be.” xx

If you don’t have time to read all this now, here’s a short story: a paragraph of adjectives used to describe his performance culled from the longer story below. OK, I cheated, with more than an adjective at times, and I had to include brilliant more than once, it’s the most common repeated one!  (about a dozen times)  

Robert Pattinson (“The Artist Formerly Known As R-Pattz”-BestForFilm) as Eric Packer was : terrific, mesmerising, magnetic, great, subtle, spectacular, “acting manifesto”, excellent, incendiary, mature [performance], “complete marvel”, brilliant, “complex and compelling” [performance], “convincing as hell”, “genuinely wonderful”, career-making, enigmatic, “sensationally controlled, astonishing, “will go on to be an acting titan”, “played to perfection by”, remarkable, “actor of real prowess, shines, excels, accomplished, delectably brilliant, assured, cinematic revelation, tremendous, “bravura performance”, “impressively self-assured”, “impressive”, “perfect Eric Packer”, strong chops, “truly spectacular actor”, “most cryptically haunting performance” [seen in years], wildly wonderful, “admirably stretching his chops”, “his finest work to date”, commanding, “epic performance”, compelling, is outstanding, remarkable, nuanced, “unforgettable performance”, “powerhouse of depth and nuance”, “sensational central performance”, “brilliant, actually”, masterful, “a force”, revelatory, “astonishingly assured”, “slithering and wire-tight”, affecting, “in control”, “can act his pants off”, “nails” [the tricky, precise tone], “can act his mother*beep*ing ass off, “more than his haircut”, talented, “the real deal”, “carries the movie the way Michael Jordan carried the Chicago Bulls”, “proves he can act”, flawless, “delivers completely and entirely”, astonishing, stunning, “brilliantly modulated”, incredible, riveting, layered, “one of best of the year”, brave, “brilliantly nuanced”, fantastic, “ever impressive”, “has major talent”, “*beep*ing revelation, [Pattinson] “blew my mind”.  [Source: BuckyW,]

And not a single one of these is from his mother!!!!  ~BuckyW

Photo Credit: Caitlin Cronenberg
Cannes 2012 Photo Diary,  NY Times Magazine

Here’s the Full Story: Direct Quotes from Top Critics and Bloggers- Pattinson was a “Cinematic Revelation”

That’s the short story, the length of the rest of this post is part of the big story– Pattinson delivered. Quotes are in no particular order; sit down, pour a glass of wine, you’ll want to read all of this! ~BuckyW

Empire Magazine, Ian Nathan  “…and final words must go to Robert Pattinson’s terrific performanceA mesmerising, magnetic anti-presence, the perfect redeployment of the pin-up cheekbones and blue-grey eyes of the R-Pattz myth. As the camera gazes deeper into his frozen face, we detect a concerto of tiny twitches, lurking smirks and trickles of terrifying sweat — micro-fluctuations in the sanity of a man who has everything.” 

The London Film Review  “All the things about Cosmopolis that you didn’t understand and are complaining about were exactly the point of the film. Cronenberg roped you in with Pattinson (and what a brilliant call that was, and a great performance by Pattinson, kudos all round), and now you are all “where was the vampire?”

Mark Kermode in The Guardian [DVD Review]  “Pattinson is great in the central role…” […] “High-brow supporting cameos (Juliette Binoche, Samantha Morton, Paul Giamatti) come and go but it’s the under-appreciated Pattinson who provides the real engine power and who earns the right to be taken a lot more seriously than some give him credit for. The fact that a film with a star this big has managed to find such a (comparatively) small audience perversely proves its artistic integrity.”

Mark Kermode [in his VIDEO review of Cosmopolis] “I think Pattinson is really good and I’ve always thought he was a good actor.

Film Comment, Amy Taubin  ”Cosmopolis maps a single day in the life of one Eric Packer, played by Robert Pattinson, channeling Christopher Walken’s Queens accent to suggest that beneath the bespoke clothing and the mesmerizing perfection of his impassive face some roughness remains to betray his origins and, because it is beyond his control, signal his downfall—i.e., Pattinson is as subtle as he is spectacular.”

The New Yorker, David Denby  From cartoon caption at start of review: “Robert Pattinson is the hero of David Cronenberg’s adaptation of the DeLillo novel.”

Pattinson has large eyes, heavy eyebrows, a soft voice. He’s sombre and quiet, a minimalist actor, but he has just enough tension to keep us interested in this intelligent creep.”, Larry Richman  “Pattinson’s delicately understated performance improves in inverse proportion to the state of Eric’s personality as it evolves. It’s an acquired taste. It means, by definition, the viewer needs to follow along to fully appreciate what he does here. Many won’t get that far, and that would be a shame. Few actors of his generation would be able to take on such a nuanced role and make it believable. The selection of Pattinson, in taking on the challenge of playing an uncharacteristically unsympathetic protagonist, was a coup for Cronenberg and the performance which helps make Cosmopolis a stunning creative accomplishment.”

Russell Hainline has a post cast on iTunes called the “Long and Late.” I listened to his Part Two of “Best of 2012″ where he chose Robert Pattinson as his number 5 Best Actor in 2012, for Cosmopolis:

Long and Late [iTunes Podcast, Best Actor 2012 Choice], Russell Hainline    at 37:00 “The movie works because of him. He has the icy, cold demeanor, he has the very stylized delivery and the timing of his line delivery and the timing of his line delivery really makes that character tick. He looks the part, he feels the part, this is by far his best performance that I’ve seen from him to date. I would love to see him work with Cronenberg more, give more performances like this.”

He adds: “All you RPatz fans that follow me on twitter, and you might be listening right now, yeah, RPatz for life, I’m with you.”  

Cinemart, Mairéad Roche  “Pattinson has made a very conscious choice to direct his acting career away from the Twilight franchise and squarely in that of renowned directors and more complicated material. He pulls this off to great effect as the film leaves its leading man nowhere to hide in regards to his acting ability and screen presence. With unabashed sexual scenes, welding a handgun and one character confirming his actual real eye colour, this is Robert Pattinson’s acting manifesto and it builds on the promise he has shown with characters not given the same range as found in Eric Packer.”

Cinemart, Martyn Conterio [DVD Review]  “Cosmopolis might have raised eyebrows with its casting of Robert Pattinson as Eric Packer, but the actor shines in the lead.”

Celluloid Junkie, C. Taylor   “Pattinson’s performance in Cosmopolis is near-perfect.  That is to say – this film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Don DeLillo is strangely literal.  Not all written dialogue sounds as good when spoken aloud as it does in your head.  With Cosmopolis, if you ever do adjust to the cadence and language of its cast of characters, you may have already given up on the plot.  People seem to have confused this oddness with Pattinson’s (et al) ability to act. This is a mistake.”

I meant what I said.  Pattinson’s performance as Eric Packer is cold on the surface but emotionally flammable internally.  Oh you see what I did there?  You may think I’m referencing Pattinson’s Twilight days, but the truth is there is no Edward Cullen to be found in his performance.  In fact, Pattinson’s stoicism is so fragile in its construction, it takes but little to bring forth the cracks where the heat bubbles up.  Pattinson easily turns it on and turns it off, at once miserable and yet exultant.  Back and forth and back again.  Pattinson proves he is not afraid to be ugly and be seen doing ugly things.”

Blogomatic3000, Pzomb (blogger in DVD review) (added 1/16/13) “The fact is though, I’d argue this is David Cronenberg at the top of his game and Robert Pattinson showing just how good an actor he can actually be. I’ve seen some say this is a contender for the film of the year and I’d have to agree in some ways. A Truly excellent movie, but one that is not what you expect it to be.”, Raj Ranade [Speaking of Cannes:] “And it helps that the film contains the festival’s Most Unexpected Great Performance from Pattinson.”

NerdSpan, Benjamin Piñeros  “Robert Pattinson is truly surprising as he delivers a mature, convincing as hell performance. His work is so solid, he’s not sucked up by the impressive screen presence of Paul Giamatti in the film’s memorable showdown.” (added 2/22/13)

Vulture, Kyle Buchanan  “Pattinson is able to convey a whole lot about his Cosmopolis character simply with a curdled sneer and a soul-sick gazeHe’s skilled at delivering the tricky DeLillo dialogue, too, which Cronenberg has preserved in huge swaths for his adaptation.”

Scene-Stealers, Eric Melin (added 2/26/13)  “Why are they called airports?” he says. And: “Why am I seeing things that haven’t happened yet?” These words come from the mouth of Robert Pattinson, an actor who is admirably stretching his chops to be in a David Cronenberg movie. And Cosmopolis isn’t the old-school body-horror Cronenberg type of film like Videodrome or The Fly. Nor is it the new school of “respectable” Cronenberg like A History of Violence or Eastern Promises.

Cineaste, John DeCarli [print only; quote with permission]
“Pattinson is largely a cipher, a reflective surface held up against his ensemble of supporting performers (also including Juliette Binoche, Mathieu Amalric, and Paul Giamatti). As the film propels Eric towards his final confrontation, however, Pattinson slowly shed his cool detachment, foregrounding Eric’s existential angst and desperate desire for meaningful contact. It is a mature, quietly riveting performance, displaying Eric’s dead eyes, as well as the pain they conceal.” 

The Telegraph UK, Robbie Collin

[Review out of Cannes:] “At its heart is a sensational central performance from Robert Pattinson – yes, that Robert Pattinson – as Packer. Pattinson plays him like a human caldera; stony on the surface, with volcanic chambers of nervous energy and self-loathing churning deep below.”

The Film Experience “JA” (added 4/20/13)
In reporting on the news of Maps To The Stars (cast and shoot date): I personally thought Pattinson was fantastic in Cosmopolis, though.

Early Bird Films @DonDubrow (added 4/20/13)
Pattinson simpers and sneers his way to an impressive performance, wearing a gradually depleting suit to remarkable effect. Cronenberg made no bones about Pattinson not being his first choice (or the lucrative marketing opportunity of the casting) but appears to have emerged with a perfect Eric Packer, suave, confident and wolfish.

Moviefone in reporting on Guy Pearce and Pattinson’s The Rover Drew Taylor (added 6/28/13)
Anyone who thinks Robert Pattinson’s acting stops at making swoony vampire eyes is selling the star short — by a considerable margin. While Pattinson’s performances in “Water for Elephants” and “Remember Me” were solid, both leaned too heavily on his “Twilight” cred, casually capitalizing on his weepy romantic image. However, it was last year’s “Cosmopolis,” an adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel of the same name by Canadian director David Cronenberg, that pushed Pattinson over the edge from potentially great to genuinely wonderful.

iTunes “Movie of the Week” (added 5/24/13)
“Watch this film for Pattinson’s complex and compelling performance, the extended metaphor of the limo as his emotional armor, and the off-kilter array of people and situations that inhabit his character’s insular bubble (on his journey to nowhere).”

The Pink Smoke, Eric Pfriender  (added 3/7/13)  I didn’t know much about Rob Pattinson before I saw him play Eric Packer, I was just vaguely aware of him being the dude from the Twilight movies. I think he’s brilliant in Cosmopolis. His performance evolves over the course of the film. He starts out cold and stiff, and gradually comes alive, so that by the time he is walking into his assassin’s lair at the film’s end he is positively buoyant, a wonderful illustration of DeLillo’s ongoing thesis that the way to become most human is to kill someone, even if that someone is yourself.

Variety, Justin Chang  “Robert Pattinson’s excellent performance reps an indispensable asset.”“The helmer has an ideal collaborator in Pattinson, whose callow yet charismatic features take on a seductively reptilian quality here. It’s the actor’s strongest screen performance and certainly his most substantial.”

The Wrap, Alonso Duralde  “I’m still not sure if Pattinson is a genius at underplaying or if Cronenberg is exploiting his innate blandness the way Kubrick did with Keir Dullea in “2001,” but either way, the “Twilight” star gets the tone (a low, humming tone at that) just right.”

TheMostBeautifulFraudInTheWorld, Kevyn Knox  “But the star of the film is indeed Robert “Sparkles” Pattinson.  And it is Pattinson, trying to break away from his Twilight time and prove himself a viable actor, who does more than a bang-up job as our intrepid city traveler – showing us a frozen outer shell that begins to crack under the pressure of what is expected of him and what is actually happening now that he no longer controls the strings.  The cold, systematic way in which Pattinson’s lost billionaire, playing at Holden Caulfield’s idea of everyone being a phony when in truth he may be the biggest goddamn phony of them all, delivers his lines and meters his cadence may cover up a somewhat weaker actor (we really do not have anything else of substance to compare notes with here) but nevertheless it works here.  Pretty much everything, amidst the chaos of the film’s goings-on, works here.”

Shotgun Critic, Patrick Kolan  “There’s also an inherent ugliness and unpleasantness to lead character, billionaire Eric Packer, offset by the angular and all-too-perfect Robert Pattinson – itself a brilliant bit of casting.”

Caption under a Pattinson’s picture from the film: “If there’s any justice, this role should prove to be the final nail in Robert Pattinson’s ‘Twilight’ coffin. He can act with the best of them.”

This is Robert Pattinson’s hands-down best role. In the hands of a very capable director and a punishing script, Pattinson turns in a performance that channels a young Robert De Niro, New York twang and all. His performance is so understated and brilliant that, during moments where he breaks through this Wall Street gloss, he comes across as truly unhinged and monstrous. This is a frightening performance in the best ways and points towards a hell of a career ahead for Pattinson.” (staff)  Pattinson rises above every single on-screen counterpart and even above the subject matter. This is a real proving ground for the young actor and in my opinion, he will come out with an exceptional amount of integrity in several critic’s/filmmaker’s eyes. Setting aside his teen heart-throb origin and stepping away from typecast roles like Water For Elephants, his future as a respectable thespian is his to ruin or build on from here on out. Much in the same way that DiCaprio turned everything around in the early 2000’s.”  

But I digress, no matter how good the minor portrayals are, they are all surpassed by Pattinson in his finest work to date. The only time he nearly sinks into the background is when working alongside Paul Giamatti, but that man is an acting god, so that’s hardly an insult. 

(added 8/13/13)

LETTERBOXD, Jason Alley  All the performances are fine (especially Paul Giamatti as an unbalanced assassin), and Pattinson successfully eliminates any TWILIGHT residue clinging to his persona with his performance as an enigmatic lost soul, who is becoming increasingly unhinged and affected by what’s going on outside his windows as the long day wears on.”

LETTERBOXD, Danny Baldwin “I was completely transfixed by Cosmopolis—the performances of Robert Pattinson and Samantha Morton, in particular, are remarkable—but at the same time, I don’t think the material was really “filmable,” insofar as I wanted to savor every line of dialogue, as one would while reading, and there simply wasn’t time. The movie becomes a total blur as it progresses, a form which admittedly complements what Cronenberg has to say about artifice, but it also never quite allows things to gel. Cronenberg has accomplished the unthinkable in making this material fully “cinematic” in structure and aesthetic, but is it really supposed to be? Still, the film’s an engaging (if only modestly successful) attempt to bring the modern world’s economic identity crisis, as the means of production digitalize, to screen.”

Vineca Gray, Blogger  Added 11/13

“While DeLillo laid the foundation for this dystopic passion play, it took the indomitable genius of David Cronenberg to chisel deeply into a marvelous diamond in the rough – Robert Pattinson – to produce an epic film performance, leaving us spent and washed anew.”, Peter Sobczynski  ”One of the biggest keys to the success of “Cosmopolis,” as surprising as it may sound to some of you, is the performance by Robert Pattinson as Eric. When it was announced that Cronenberg had hired the guy best known for playing the world’s blandest vampire in the “Twilight” series, reactions ranged from outright scoffing to people questioning the director’s sanity. However, if there is one thing that Cronenberg does undeniably well, it is finding the perfect actors for his films and bringing great performances out of them–over the years, he has gotten career-best acting out of talents as diverse as James Woods (“Videodrome”), Jeff Goldblum (“The Fly”), Jeremy Irons (“Dead Ringers”), Ralph Fiennes (“Spider”), Viggo Mortensen (“A History of Violence”) and Keira Knightley (“A Dangerous Method”). Based on this, I went into the film assuming that if Cronenberg was going to take such a chance by casting Pattinson in the role, he must have seen something in his work to suggest that the teen idol was right for the part. Whatever it was, that instinct was correct because he nails every aspect of his performance perfectly and creates a character of pure, unadulterated arrogance who is always captivating to watch, even at his most callow, while still allowing some flickers of sympathetic behavior to occasionally bubble up from beneath his immaculately constructed surface. If you still harbor doubts about his work, consider the fact that most of the film consists of him performing one-on-one scenes with actors as accomplished as Juliette Binoche, Samantha Morton and Paul Giamatti and he more than holds own against them all. I don’t know what kind of career Pattinson might have now that the “Twilight” films are over and done but based on his work here, he certainly has the chops to have a potentially strong career beyond all the glittery vampire nonsense.”

Rotten Tomatoes Interview, Luke Goodsell (added 10/6/13)

Perhaps the most fascinating element to Cosmopolis is the performance of its star, Robert Pattinson. Having previously stepped sideways from his teen-idol status to mixed effect, Pattinson here throws himself fearlessly into Cronenberg’s world, delivering an unforgettable, almost alien-like portrait of a young man disconnected from reality and willfully engineering his own spectacular demise.

Philadelphia Weekly, Matt Prigges (added 1/22/13) “In David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, billionaire Robert Pattinson (brilliant, actually) acts like a malfunctioning robot in a world that no longer makes sense.”

Philadelphia Weekly, Matt Prigges  (added 2/20/13):  “What follows is a combination of my picks for what may win, which you can borrow—trust me, I win Oscar pools—what I think should win and what would have won if this was a perfect world. Meaning, if it conformed to my tastes.

Best Adapted Screenplay – What should have won overall: David Cronenberg’s script for Cosmopolis makes great a so-so Don DeLillo novel, although its real power emerged when the actors came to speak their lines. Who knew Robert Pattinson was put on earth to deliver overly-stylized DeLillo dialogue?

Best Actor – Who should have won overall: As much as I want to say Denis Lavant, for his literally shape-shifting work in Holy Motors, no performance was as exciting as Tim Heidecker’s raging wealthy dickhead routine in The Comedy. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Robert Pattinson wuz robbed—for Cosmopolis, not Breaking Dawn 2.

Boston’s Edge, Steve Weinstein (added 3/10/13)  Overlooked is a personal choice: Robert Pattinson. No, not for the “Twilight” series, but for “Cosmopolis.” Dismissed as glorified mannequin, Pattinson took on a no-budget film adaptation of an impossible-to-adapt book from an impenetrable author adapted by an avant-garde director. As a Wall Street Master of the Universe who never leaves his chauffeured limousine, Pattinson carries the movie the way Michael Jordan carried the Chicago Bulls., Joshua Starnes  (added 1/22/13) [After praising the film for being inaccessible, as not a bad thing, and Cronenberg not taking the audience for granted:] And if that’s not enough, it also proves Pattinson can act. That’s worth a spot all on its own. 

BestForFilm, Duncan Vicat-Brown (added 3/25/13) Of course, a movie like this lives and dies by its leading man, and its impossible to deny that Cronenberg took an enormous risk casting Robert Pattinson after Colin Farrell was forced to pull out. It was a brave move for both, and, happily, The Artist Formerly Known As R-Pattz is nothing short of a revelation. His Packer is a powerhouse of depth and nuance, a man who’s only ever saying a fraction of what he’s thinking, who’s recognisably simmering with dissatisfaction and curiosity without ever letting it spill over. Even more remarkable is the confidence of a young, relatively inexperienced performer sparring with some of the very best actors in the game and effortlessly holding his own.

Read more:

Processed Grass (Rich Thorne blog)   (added 1/23/13) This blogger chose Pattinson as #4 in his list of top five lead performances by an actor (male) in 2012. (Note the use of ‘Cosmopolis’ language- “outmoded and dumb’ applied to Twilight jokes at Pattinson’s expense. ~BuckyW)

One could simply dismiss Robert Pattinson as a non-factor given whatever stereotypes have attached themselves to him as a result of his part in the Twilight movies, but one also hopes that others have realized jokes about Twilight are both outdated and dumb, we’ve now moved on to making jokes about people making jokes about Twilight. Crossing this hurdle is monumental, and doing so allows one to see that Pattinson, someone who has already proven his acting chops with his role in Remember Me, delivers a pitch perfect performance in the role of a detached financial wunderkind. There’s a confidence and tragedy to Pattinson’s work here, but it’s toward the end, as the film’s world spirals out of control, that allows Pattinson to show why he belongs on this list and keeps his name as one to continue to monitor moving forward.

SF Bay Guardian, Jesse Hawthorne Ficks  (added 1/22/13) Robert Pattinson proved he’s a truly spectacular actor, Paul Giamatti has never been better, and David Cronenberg is only getting better as he gets older., Bruce Kirkland  “Adopting a convincing American accent, Pattinson aces the role despite his panic attacks before the film started shooting in Toronto.”

AFord88 Tumblr, Andrew Ford (added 1/16/13)
“A grand, weird, bold effort even by Cronenberg’s standards, this film is an absolutely mesmerizing adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel. I could speak here how timely the film is with its unsparing critique of capitalist society. Or how Robert Pattinson delivers an astonishingly assured performance that hopefully portends a career full of them. […] I want to shout it from the rooftops. This film is a treasure.”
Artist Access AXS, James Callahan “Pattinson’s performance is fantastic: It’s unnerving with its unpredictability and acute at all times to the film’s surrounding absurdity.”

77 Square,, Rob Thomas (added 1/18/13)
“Pattinson may be a teen heartthrob from the “Twilight” series, but he’s perfectly cast as Eric, handsome and knife-blade cold; as he surveys the people around him, his eyes flash with the malevolent curiosity of a young boy with an anthill and a magnifying glass.”, Brian Tallerico  ”My problems with “Cosmopolis” don’t lie where most film purists may think.” [referencing the casting of the Twilight star..]“Pattinson delivers completely and entirely, doing BY FAR the best work of his career. Cronenberg knew how to use Pattinson’s natural detachment to the character’s advantage and gets an amazing amount of quality work from the young star.”

Miami Herald, Rene Rodriguez  “…the movie wouldn’t work without Pattinson, who is in every scene and holds the film together with his portrayal of a magnetic tycoon rotting on the inside”.

Hitfix, Drew McWeeny  “I do not think I’m out of line when I observe that Robert Pattinson is from outer space.  Part of what makes him so compelling in the film is that whatever weirdness Cronenberg throws at him, he rolls with it, staring out of that blank passive face with furious eyes.”

“He gets a physical from a doctor inside the cab at one point, carrying on a conversation while this guy’s got half his arm inside him, and the way Pattinson plays that scene is impressive.  On the whole, Pattinson delivers in this difficult role, and I can’t picture anyone else tuning in more completely to what Cronenberg has done here.

“Paul Giamatti almost steals the film in the last ten minutes, and it’s a testament to how good Pattinson is in the film that he stands there and refuses to let Giamatti run away with it.  He gives as good as he gets.”

Canadian Cinephile, Jordan Richardson (added 2/15/13)
It’s hard to know exactly what to say about a movie like Cosmopolis. On the one hand, it boasts a terrific performance from Robert Pattinson. On the other hand, its nebulous and absurd script can be alienating for those not abreast of its satirical components. It is an almost senselessly cold, surreal motion picture, but that is all part of its indescribable appeal.

Yet Pattinson is up for more than just a departure from what appeals to screaming hordes of young girls and housewives and Cosmopolis runs the danger of turning him into a serious, reputable, dangerous actor.

Cinema Blend, Kathey Rich  ”Pattinson, capable of an unnerving stillness and a sublimely blank face, is completely in step with Cronenberg’s tone– you can see why the two are eager to work together again.”

The Cult Den, Darryl Griffiths (added 1/16/13)
“In a real game changing role, Pattinson delivers his most accomplished and assured performance to date. Anchoring the film with meticulous poise and charisma, his thoroughly engaging protagonist here may finally put the doubter to rest in regards his acting abilities.” 

Next Projection, Ronan Doyle   ”Where Pattinson may seem an unlikely addition to this elite club, he could scarcely be more suited to the role of Packer. Like Packer, Pattinson is more a name than a recognisable personality, a figure all know but few truly understand. In Pattinson’s every glance, every movement, every smile, there is a sense of a man coming to terms with whom and what he is. Packer’s shifting perspective on himself is far more understated that that of the world’s, and in this the true brilliance of both Pattinson and the film itself come to be revealed.”

Only Cronenberg could have drawn out in so revelatory a way the greatness waiting within Pattinson, only Cronenberg could have dressed up so morally complex and philosophically rich a story in so evident an allegory, only Cronenberg could have distorted the recognisable world in such a way as to make it more real.”

LabuzaMovies, Peter Labuza  “[Twilight heartthrob] Robert Pattinson, restrained, cold, and delectably brilliant.”

2012 Muriel Awards, Peter Labuza “The performances by its marvelous cast work through the extremely complicated dialogue without ever once flinching (most notably the bravura performances by Robert Pattison and Sarah Gadon).” (added 2/27/13)

Film4, Catherine Bray  “This is also why casting Robert Pattinson in this role is a stroke of genius. Apart from delivering a very fine performance, he is arguably the star currently inspiring some of the least sane responses in our culture. When, at the film’s climax, he is confronted with a maniac insisting “I know everything that’s ever been said or written about you. I know what I see in your face, after years of study,” it’s not hard to appreciate how brilliant – and perhaps cathartic – a role this is for him, one that figuratively interrogates the fame-capital he has accrued so far, Pattinson apparently as interested as Packer in the possibility of re-setting as something else. Casting him could have been a Warhol moment, using the image of an icon to make a point about fame, but Pattinson’s participation is too active to merit this back-handed compliment.

The Guardian, Philip French  “The central character, Eric Packer, brings to mind two wilful financial anti-heroes, Sherman McCoy of Bonfire of the Vanities and Gordon Gekko of Wall Street. But the 28-year-old Packer is younger, infinitely richer, and altogether more self-knowing. As played with frightening conviction by Robert Pattinson he’s a Gatsby-esque figure, remote, inscrutable and doomed.”, Jordan Hoffman  ”[Eric] is played, quite wonderfully I might add, by Robert Pattinson.”  […]   “Pattinson is more than just a haircut here. Initially, he seems as smug as any man whose building has different elevators depending on his mood. As his journey moves on, and his intangible deals on international currency commence to breed ruin, he sheds more of his facade, until a Noo Yawk accent emerges and he ends up face to face with his destiny.”

Movieline, Alison Willmore  “Pattinson does a quietly marvelous thing in finding vulnerability in Eric without making it seem like softness.”

AV Club, Mike D’Angelo  ”Whether the Competition jury will hand any prizes to Cosmopolis remains to be seen, but Robert Pattinson clearly deserves this year’s award for Best Career Move.

Rolling Stone, Peter Travers  “Robert Pattinson really can act.”  […]  “In this fever dream of a movie, Pattinson is incendiary, notably in a climactic gun scene with the great Giamatti. “

Slant Magazine (staff) “From his rolling command center of a white limousine, the WiFi hot spot of the obscenely rich, billionaire Eric Packer (a revelatory Robert Pattinson) is at once linked up to the world and maddeningly removed from it, his personal, untried revolving door granting equal access to wisdom and delusion, personified by the limo’s parade of guests., Matt Goldberg  “Pattinson gives an intentionally stilted performance, but no one will be able to walk away from this movie thinking he can’t act.  He acts to the piece, and we’ll have to wait for another role to “test” him.

This is how we measure a person.  One could argue that we’re valuing his talent and not him, but he carries the Twilight franchise with him.  The industry will write about this move, his fans will decide if they want to see him in a role that couldn’t be further away from Edward Cullen.  Is Pattinson trying to lose everything like Packer?  Of course not, but he also shares his character’s desire for freedom., Renn Brown  ”Pattinson’s work here is the stuff of turning a metaphor into a man and back again, and the young actor is game for every bit of it. Cronenberg leads him to a place of cold vulnerability, and the resulting performance anchors the director’s staccato, theatrical filmmaking.”

“If Pattinson’s excellent work often relies on restraint, it’s usually necessary as he’s bombarded with such a broad range of supporting turns, including Sarah Gadon’s straight-out-of-Gatsby coolness, Gouchy Boy’s vulnerable thugging, and Samantha Morton’s professorial musing. Pattinson participates gamely in these scenes, and though it’s all muted by that Cronenbergian distance, you still see the energies, depressions, intellectual curiosities, and disgusts broil beneath the Twilight star’s surface. This is a grown up performance; one as mature as the very grown up — if not gratuitous — sex he’s miming with Patricia McKenzie. It’s also foolish to witness an actor go toe to toe with Paul Giamatti in an extended scene of almost pure performance without appreciating that there is real talent fueling the core of this star.”

PopMatters, Jose Solís Mayén (DVD review; added 1/16/13) “Casting the leading man of the terrible Twilight series might’ve been Cronenberg’s biggest joke so far, because he prepared us to hate Eric before the movie even started, but in the interviews included [DVD extra] here Pattinson proves why he was simply the best man for the job by coming out as an articulate, clever young man. He knows he’s been objectified and we see him delighted about the fact that just this one time, he’s being consumed by more cerebral audiences. 

Fangoria, Chris Alexander  ”Pattinson (who is excellent in a difficult role) plays a dead-eyed billionaire named Eric Packer, a finely tailored humanoid who is like capitalism itself made flesh.”

Dread Central, Andrew Kasch  “By and large the film’s success rests on the shoulders of Robert Pattinson, and he is a complete marvel in the role. It’s clear by now that he’s using the same career trajectory as Leonardo DiCaprio, consciously distancing himself from his heartthrob image by taking the edgiest oddball roles he can find, and he hits a home run here.”

“It’s pretty clear that Pattinson will go on to be an acting titan once the stench of sparking vampires has worn off.”

Vineca Gray Blog  “While DeLillo laid the foundation for this dystopic passion play, it took the indomitable genius of David Cronenberg to chisel deeply into a marvelous diamond in the rough – Robert Pattinson – to produce an epic film performance, leaving us spent and washed anew.”

Dread Central, Andrew Kasch “Robert Pattinson finally breaks away from those godawful Twilight movies, giving a powerhouse performance as a sociopathic Wall Street tycoon who is truly off his rocker.”

Total Film, Rob James  ”Cosmopolis is a game-changer for him. He’s distant, sardonic, nihilistic, enigmatic and very watchable.”

Telegraph, Robbie Collin   Picture caption at the start of review: “Sensationally controlled: Robert Pattinson in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis.’

At its heart is a sensational central performance from Robert Pattinson – yes, that Robert Pattinson – as Packer. Pattinson plays him like a human caldera; stony on the surface, with volcanic chambers of nervous energy and self-loathing churning deep below.”

Little White Lies, David Jenkins  “Robert Pattinson is magnetic as Eric Packer

Criterion Cast, Joshua Brunsting  ”Giving us our first real glimpse into what he’s truly able to do, star Robert Pattinson is brilliant here. Able to convey every single aspect of this character with tonal perfection, Pattinson is able to be both deeply involved with what is going on around him while also seeming not to give a single care about it. This existential ease is inherent within the film, but the crisis that is held deep within him, the fear of imperfection, is also inherent. This dichotomy, a dichotomy that is inherent within both the housing and economic crisis, its lead up and those involved, is played with award-worthy strength on the face of Pattinson, an actor who many thought didn’t have this type of performance in him. Able to go toe to toe with the likes of Samantha Morton and Paul Giamatti (both of whom are equally great here) and stand supreme, Pattinson gives a career-making performance here, one that will hopefully be remembered later this year, and come Oscar time next.”

Empire Online, Damon Wise  ”Cosmopolis does prove that he has the chops, and he parlays his cult persona beautifully into the spoiled, demanding Packer, a man so controlling and ruthless that only he has the power to ruin himself. Lean and spiky – with his clean white shirt he resembles a groomed Sid Vicious – Pattinson nails a difficult part almost perfectly

Den of Geeks, James Peaty  (added 1/16/13)  “As for the Twilight star, who has to shoulder being in literally every scene of the movie, it will no doubt upset some people to hear that he acquits himself more than admirably. Managing the tricky task of being both simultaneously aloof and vulnerable, Pattinson mines the ambiguity in Packer’s character for all it’s worth.

Slowly stripped of both Packer’s literal and metaphorical armour as the film progresses, the quality of Pattinson’s performance is brought into sharp focus in the film’s climatic scene.Going head-to-toe with the superb Giamatti in an extended face-off, Pattinson more than holds his own with the veteran actor., Mario McKellop  “With this film Pattinson distinguishes himself as the most interesting actor of the Twilight franchise and with the right career decisions maybe even his generation.”

Static Mass Emporium, Ben Nicholson  ”Robert Pattinson is magnetic as the young billionaire (much to my surprise).”

Press Play, Matt Zoller Seitz  “…the star never loses his grip. I never would have guessed from the Twilight movies that he was capable of a performance this intelligent, despairing, and honest; at his best he reminded me of James Spader’s character in sex, lies and videotape, a smug bastard who intellectualizes his selfishness into faux-philosophy. If Pattinson gets nominated for awards for Cosmopolis, the clip should be the scene where Eric carries on a high-flown conversation while enduring the longest prostate exam in history”

The Georgie Show [blog]  “Pattinson does a tremendous job as Packer. Having only seen him in the beyond dreadful first Twilight film, I wasn’t expecting much more than sullen gormlessness, but Pattinson was genuinely fantastic. The character could have been an android like blank, but Pattinson played with sneering smugness and as the film went on he opened up into a full breakdown. By the end of the film we are left with a Malcolm McDowell-esque character, the gleam in his eye suddenly taking full hold of Pattinson. If anyone needs confirmation that he transcends the Twilight saga, the final scene with Paul Giamatti, which a third was only one shot, was so tense and perfectly timed, shows the broader boundaries of his capabilities.”

“…the ensemble cast are all in the shadow of Pattinson who excels in this piece.”

The Cult Den and Movie Marker, Darryl Griffiths  “In a real game changing role, Pattinson delivers his most accomplished and assured performance to date. Anchoring the film with meticulous poise and charisma, his thoroughly engaging protagonist here may finally put the doubters to rest in regards to his acting abilities.  ”

Phil on Film [blog]  Includes Pattinson among “The leads performance of the year”, stating: “Pattinson’s work here is the cinematic revelation of the year. His unsettlingly blank performance – he first appears like a ghost or a vampire – is perfect for the emotionally dead Eric Packer. As the film progresses, he gradually seems to become more human”

Movies by Bowes, Danny Bowes  “Holding everything together is Robert Pattinson’s performance in the lead. He’s good. He’s real good. He starts out this icy, remote, almost alien being, then gradually and with the same exquisite precision as Cronenberg’s direction, reveals emotional colors, vulnerability, hunger, desire, raw open nerves. Over the course of the movie, as shit gets weirder and the world he’s known (and basically ruled) all his life collapses, it’s endlessly fascinating to watch the way Pattinson plays Eric Packer’s fascination with his own (self-orchestrated) undoing. I’ll stop before I get too specific, but goddamn if Pattinson isn’t simply tremendous in this movie. If this performance is any indication, he’ll do just fine post-Twilight. The dude can act his motherfuckin’ ass off.”

Sound on Sight, Edgar Chaput  ”…one actor who, in a pleasant surprise, comes out looking rather good is the oft maligned Robert Pattinson.”

The Film Stage, Nick Newman  “So much of this rides on Pattinson’s shoulders — the man is in virtually every scene — making it all the more fortunate that he’s got the character down to a T. On the page, Packer is a selfish and sociopathic lout that no one should have any right to sympathize with. He’s not much different when played by the heartthrob, so Pattinson makes a genius move: using his appealing physical image as something of a tool against whatever resistance an audience might otherwise raise toward his character. He’s terrible, but not much less charming and magnetic, and the thrill one gets from watching him — the very, very legitimate thrill — is only part of a weird collective shame on an audience’s part.”

The Film Stage (staff) “David Cronenberg’s limousine trip into the damaged perspective of a young, emotionally hollow fat cat — played to perfection by a not-as-advertised Robert Pattinson — can’t really be considered the most accessible work of 2012, but those willing to go with its strange rhythms and mysterious internal logic are bound to get… something.”

Uptown Magazine   “Pattinson’s detached delivery could be considered jarring. If you think of Packer as the spiritual descendant of Bret Easton Ellis’s Clay character from Less Than Zero, you will understand the true genius of Pattinson’s performance and see it as completely appropriate as opposed to cardboard.”

24pfs, Sam Inglis [on choosing Pattinson as “Best Actor” – “24FPS Awards 2012″,]  “There’s a sense of total dislocation […] reflected in Cronenberg’s imagery, but [also] very present in Pattinson’s work.  However, there’s complexity too; an evolution scene by scene as Packer trashes his own life bit by bit, coming closer to engaging in the world as he does so.  It’s the slow cracking of that mask that is so remarkable in Pattinson’s performance.[…] here he’s a revelation.”

24 Frames Per Second, Sam Inglis  “I’ve said some very rude things about Robert Pattinson’s performances in the Twilight series […], but he’s revelatory here …”  […]  “Cosmopolis proves that behind the vacancy of Edward Cullen lurks a much darker side, and a surprising, intelligent, actor.”

Cinetalk, Katherine McLaughlinRobert Pattinson is outstanding in the lead role and Paul Giamatti, who only appears for a short while, delivers one of his most memorable performances.”

White City Cinema, Michael Glover Smith [in top ten films of 2012]  “…lead actor Robert Pattinson excelled as the despicable billionaire whose plight becomes both moving and tragic as the movie inexorably heads to its haunting final shot, an image more emblematic of our times than any other I saw this year.”

Yuppee Magazine, Liam Hoofe [in top ten films of 2012]  “Eric Packer, played by Robert Pattinson in what turns out to be the best performance of his young career by a considerable distance.“ … “The movie is buoyed by some fantastic performances; Pattinson has finally sunk his claws into a role…”

Cinemablographer [blog]  “…Pattinson gives the character a sense of removal that makes the whole film work. Cosmopolis might be Cronenberg’s most dialogue-heavy film yet, but Pattinson’s dry delivery of the emotionally vacant script brings the film to life.”

What Culture!, Jonathan Hogberg  “The real highlight of Cosmopolis is seeing Pattinson prove himself. Here is a sentence I never thought I’d say: Robert Pattinson is my favorite part of a David Cronenberg film. Sacrilege, I know, but it’s true. His take on Packer isn’t quite an award-worthy performance and doesn’t require a great deal of range, but it is filled with wonderful subtleties and nuances. His emotionless expressions and cold line deliveries are a great match for the vacuous character. That might sound like an insult, but I promise it’s not.”

“Even if his performance is not marked down as one to remember, it’s great to see that he is making smart choices in his post-Twilight career

Joblo, Eric Walkuski   “The actor doesn’t turn in a flashy performance (there’s no way he could), but he’s an intriguing screen presence with a glimmer of something off just behind the eyes that makes me think he has a career in playing psychos and crazies, not pretty boys.“  …. “Even if Eric Packer is a creep lacking in anything likable, Pattinson proves to be very watchable.”

The Daily Beast, Geoff Berkshire  “Pattinson delivers a tightly controlled and impressively self-assured performance.  With the performance free of the overwrought mannerisms—the weird faces, the emotional outbursts—that give his critics most of their ammunition, the biggest complaint one could have about Pattinson’s work here is that it’s too restrained.”

Orlando Weekly, Samir Mathur  ”Make no mistake, this is Pattinson’s film – I can’t think of a scene that he’s not in – and he isn’t called on to show much range or feeling, but does display some strong chops …

Daily Blam, Pietro Filipponi  “Robert Pattinson is fantastic, delivering one of the most cryptically haunting performances I’ve seen in years.” 

CinemaSlants, Matt Kraus  “… it features a great, icy performance by Robert Pattinson at its center.”, Shanee Edwards  “Pattinson is wildly wonderful in this bizarre role, especially when those rare moments of vulnerability flash across his face”

Time Out Sydney, Dave Calhoun  ”Cronenberg […] is well served, too, by a leering, disintegrating Pattinson, giving a commanding, sympathetic portrait of a man being consumed by his own vanity and power.”

Zimbio, Joe Robberson  “Pattinson is so compelling, and the language so impressive, it’s impossible to deny there’s something worthwhile happening onscreen.”

Live Trading News  ”Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of Eric Packer is remarkable, he is is as dead inside Eric as the Twilight vampire, he is chilling in his range of the actor’s craft.”

Very Aware, Courtney Howard  Pattinson shines when he embraces his character’s descent into darkness. Uneven at times, it’s a nuanced performance that will make you want to see more of this in the future.”

Heath, Heath Benfield  “Pattinson isn’t required to teeter the edge of sanity like the brilliant Christian Bale, but his casting and the coolness of his performance is appropriately masterful.”

Front Row Magazine, Peter Simek  “Pattinson is also a force, slithering and wire-tight, yet smoothly affecting and always in control. If you wrote this guy off because of Twilight, think again. He can act his pants off  – and with his pants off, as in one of the film’s wickedly funny dialogues that takes place during an in-limo prostate exam.”

Las Vegas Weekly, Mike D’Angelo  “Pattinson nails the very tricky precise tonedemanded by the novel’s unapologetically inhuman dialogue.

Total Film, Simon Kinnear [Blu-ray Review]  “Pattinson is no passenger, imperious but impetuous, chilly even when he’s chillin’, Pattinson ably holds his own in a film that’s essentially a relay race of cameos from great actors”

Reeling Reviews, Robin Clifford   “To my surprise, the Twilight thespian is the best thing in Cosmopolis.”  […]  “Director Cronenberg elicits a good performance from the young actor, one that actually overshadows the film itself.”

HeyUGuys, Chris Holt   “Say what you will about the Twilight series but you can’t lay the blame at the feet of Robert Pattinson who is just playing an iconic character written to appeal to young teenage girls. Common opinion seems to be that once the series is over, Pattinson is pretty much done. His work in Cosmopolis proves that he is actually the real deal, Pattinson is in every scene and carries the film with ease having to cope with heavy dialogue in scenes that seem to favour a really long take. His portrayal of the character is flawless.“

“Elusive and mesmerising, Cosmopolis might have raised eyebrows with its casting of Robert Pattinson as Eric Packer, but the actor shines in the lead.”

LoveFilm, Tom Charity  ”Some folks are reluctant to admit Robert Pattinson can act. They will come round eventually. The guy is more than his haircut.

KillerFilm, Marcella Papandrea  ”Robert Pattinson was a real revelation here, this is his best performance to date.  There are no shades of Twilight or a teen heart throb here, instead he is a very cold and collected person who slowly loses it. He goes from great to greater as the film moves from its first act to its third. He seems like a great fit for Cronenberg, and this is evidence that the man is talented with the right material.”

Cinehouse, Ian Schultz  “Robert Pattinson is quite astonishing in the role as Packer, he is ice cold and inhumane in the best possible way and almost an alien like as in David Bowie in ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’. He perfectly captures the psychosis of a man who has everything but wants nothing except he has a death wish.”

Mad Move, Stuart Jamieson  “Pattinson and Cronenberg are just a great fit. In any case, it’s difficult to see prior contender, Colin Farrell, being better than this …”

Nashville Scene, Jason Shawan  “Pattinson is very good – good enough even to make the viewer see past his teenage-superego legacy.

Monsters and Critics  ”Eric Packer (in a stunning performance by Robert Pattinson)…” 

Sight and Sound  “Pattinson is surprisingly good.” … “It’s a high eccentric performance, too, at first blankly arrogant, fitting Eric’s sheened tailor’s dummy surface, but then more fragile.”

Ant-Films, Anthony Fabozzi  “Robert Pattinson is in almost every moment of the film and gives what is without a doubt his career best performance. Pattinson plays Eric Packer with a deep internal rage, like a volcano about to erupt, but with a stone facade.  Pattinson is able to convey loneliness, fear and greed while being contained in a limo for most of the film.  Eric Packer is the center of the film and if Pattinson’s performance was anything less than fantastic the film would have failed.  Robert Pattinson gives one of the best performances of the year in Cosmopolis.

Cinema Year One, Joseph Macauley  “Robert Pattinson gives a brilliantly modulated performance

DIY Film, Becky Reed  ”Cronenberg seems to have found himself a new muse in the form of Robert Pattinson….. It’s hard to imagine another actor making such a remarkable impact as Pattinson. In every single wordy scene, he is incredible, from his subtly twitchy opening frame to the warped sexual tension displayed during his medical exam and how masterfully he utters every challenging line, imbuing them with world-weariness and logic. It’s a breakthrough performance for the Twilight star, who has consistently chosen interesting projects despite his heart-throb status, and Cronenberg’s brave casting has paid off. Pattinson is riveting throughout – there is a maelstrom of fierce intelligence in his financial wunderkind, bubbling under a controlled stoniness. It’s a layered performance, one of the best of the year, that makes the often pretentious and unrelatable theories believable and compelling. Pattinson holds this stagey yet visually memorable film together. You won’t see another film starring an A-list idol this brave for a long time.”

jabfilmreviews, James Burgess [blog]  “But the film really belongs to Robert Pattinson in the central and very difficult role as the, initially at least, extremely unsympathetic role as Eric, driven by a purely superficial, almost megalomaniac sense of greed.

Pattinson’s teen-vampire Twilight days are far behind him. This is a simply a brilliantly nuanced performance, his mesmeric features the epitome of poise, as Eric’s self-assurance erodes away his soul. Surely he’s in win a chance for a nominee for Best Actor in February? Sinewy, measured, calculating and colder than the Arctic Circle, it’s an achievement that Pattinson encompasses all this, while not making him any less captivating at the same time.”

“ A haunting, darkly triumphant masterpiece, with a fantastic performance from Pattinson.”, Steven Hurst  “Backed by a wonderfully moody score, this pretty much big star cast of characters are lead with confidence by the ever impressive Pattison.

The Glass Case of Emotion, David Dougan [blog]  “…Pattinson gives an excellent and brave performance as he plays a character that seems to be willingly destroying himself.”

“Pattinson is a young actor who has been thrust into the limelight by a series of movies worshipped by teenagers around the world, but it’s clear that he wants to be an actor and wants to be taken seriously as an actor, and is willing to test himself.  Taking on the lead role in a Cronenberg movie is never easy, but Pattison does an excellent job and he’s certainly going to have a long and successful career if he continues to pick projects like this.”

The Glass Case of Emotion, Dave Dougan [blog] in top films of 2012:  “Which does sound like a description of a failed film; a film that couldn’t translate the words on the page of the book onto cinema screens, but it’s a film that I’ve continued to think about all year.  It may never be regarded as David Cronenberg’s finest work, but it certainly shows that there’s more to Robert Pattinson than playing what looks like a boring vampire, as he gives an outstanding performance in a very difficult role.  NEW

SumoSkinny, Matthew Anders  “First off, anybody who puts down Robert Pattinson as an actor because of his Edward Cullen vampire history is a hater – straight up. The kid’s got major talent, proving it in Cosmopolis.

Impressions of a Cinematic Life [blog]  ”In an interview I read, Cronenberg stated that Pattinson’s performance in the film was really great. After watching the film I can say that statement was mistaken, Robert Pattinson’s performance is a fucking revelation. His acting has always carried a sort of numb and cold nature that has seriously been his downfall in many films. However, those traits work perfectly for this character so much so that from the very first shot Pattinson instantly is Eric Packer. Whereas before his numb and coldness was hollow, in here it is rich in internal thought, anxiety, despair and examination. Pattinson gives himself completely to the material and carries the film incredibly. He is driving force of the film and presents the biggest and most thought provoking questions. Eric Packer is an enigma and it is one that you will relish in peeling layer after layer. I never thought I would write these words, but Robert Pattinson’s performance blew my mind.”

Sabotage Times, Harry Harris (added 1/14)

“R-Patz has finally cast of the shackles of Edward Cullen and proved himself as an actor of real prowess in Cosmopolis – my film of the year so far” […] “The film is an absolute work of art, and Robert Pattinson’s performance is nothing short of stunning.”

We’re happy to add to this post if there’s a quote we’ve missed that merits inclusion! Please let us know in the comment box below.


I thank our new blogger, Jordan, for all her hard work. I had the idea of pulling together this list when I saw how much praise there was on Pattinson’s performance. I collected many quotes, but she did much of the work pulling from blog postings and other internet sources, and finding many herself. ~BuckyW


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