Robert Pattinson Reflecting on Being at Cannes, the Premiere (& he’s quit smoking)

Here’s a video interview with Robert Pattinson from Saturday at Cannes. It’s short,  but it’s fun because it’s the day after the premiere, and you can see how excited the actor is reflecting on the night before, and how incredible it is that he had a film there so soon in his career.

We also chose to post because we think anyone who manages to quit smoking deserves a public “high-five.”

This video starts and ends with a clip from the train station scene in Cosmopolis. We’ve created this transcript, but some words here and there were a bit hard to make out as he speaks quite fast.

Talking of the premiere at Cannes the night before:

“The most nerve-wracking thing I’ve done in years, I was such a freak afterwards, because I just gave up smoking recently as well, so I was literally like sitting there afterwards, like for two hours, [playful expression of agitation, nervousness], as soon as someone says, like David is saying I think they probably, I think it’s going to be a pretty mixed reaction, I think it’s going to be a lot of booing, I was like, because I was sitting there the whole time, I’m thinking like, I am going to want to fight and kill people in the audience, I was sitting there winding myself up for a fight for an hour and a half. So even when they were clapping I was like [unintelligible] It was horrible!”

Talking about getting accepted in Cannes:

“It was amazing it was completely crazy as well. One of my best friends was in On The Road as well, and we did our first job together we went to school together and stuff [he’s speaking of Tom Sturridge; they were in Vanity Fair together.] I was just like, “what is happening” and it’s like, the weirdest thing. Because Kristen [Stewart] found out about it first and I was just like [laughs, fake perturbed/jealous expression] and I found out like weeks, no months later. Literally. So, I thought that because her one was in it, that, that’s it. [Laugh] like it’s not fair!”

Responding to question, was it a different experience for you this time around in Cannes:

“Kind of. Much much more nerve wracking. I felt like a total impostor last time, kind of piggybacking on other people’s credibility. [Laugh] I really feel stupid, try to stand in front of photographers here. But, um, no, this time it’s crazy. Last time I was here, I was like, thinking like maybe in like ten or 15 years you can get something in, and it’s so cool it’s like three years later.”

Source of video: Stone Angels, via youtube.

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