Juliette Binoche comments on Cosmopolis in interview about her current film, “Elles”

David D’Arcy of the San Francisco Chronicle has written a piece on Juliette Binoche’s current role in Elles. Here’s the introductory paragraphs; we follow with her brief comments on Cosmopolis. Elles played at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) last fall, as did Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method.

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“Juliette Binoche plays a journalist in ‘Elles’
In “Elles,” Juliette Binoche plays Anne, an established journalist researching an article about young university students working as prostitutes who feel no moral concerns about their profession. They sell their bodies to older men to support their studies. 

As Anne enters into the young women’s lives, she is the one whose anxieties deepen as she considers the compromises of her own comfortable life, as a mother who tends to her two sons and to her husband, a man who is immersed in his own work to the point of ignoring her. 

“Elles” was inspired in part by an article in a French magazine that became the subject of documentary films, one of which was called “Escort.” 

“I saw the documentaries – I was very shocked by it – and it reminded me of a girlfriend I had who was going through that kind of situation and said, ‘This is nothing,’ ” said Binoche, who was in New York with the film at the Tribeca Film Festival.”

Now skipping to the end (we recommend reading, film is very interesting) for her comments on her role in Cosmopolis (where she plays Didi Fancher, Eric Packer’s art consultant) and working with David Cronenberg. Here she had been speaking about being passionate about acting:

The pain of extreme feelings can’t be so unbearable, though, since Binoche has been in four films since making “Elles,” including David Cronenberg’s latest, “Cosmopolis,” which will be at the Cannes Film Festival. 

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“Most of the film takes place in a limo, where you see a rich man losing everything, and I play an art dealer,” she said. “She seems to be at the top of things, but at the end she’s totally alone. 

“I wanted to shoot with (Cronenberg). He has a strong expression,” the actress added. “I loved ‘History of Violence.’ It touched me so much, and I wanted to work with him because of that.”

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David Darcy is a freelance writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. His twitter: sadolphson@sfchronicle.com

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