UPDATE 3/26/14: 2 years to the day of “Perceptions of Pattinson: B.C. (before Cronenberg) to A.D. (after David) @pagemackinley & BuckyW

Edit 3/26/14: I tweeted today- we are two years to the day from my re-blogging of this insightful article. We’re on the cusp of a trailer for Robert Pattinson’s second outing with director David Cronenberg, and a most likely announcement of the film being in competition at Cannes. There’s a strong expectation that Pattinson’s The Rover will also be at Cannes. Let’s take a look at the seismic shift that’s happened in the past two years for Robert Pattinson.

Here’s MacKinley in 2012 with sage advice and observation, as Pattinson was exiting the franchise world to Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis (teaser rocked the internet):

“If you want to see the best from someone, whether actor, director, friend, or stranger, put hasty judgement to one side and they might just show you. As the dust of March 22 settles, this much is clear: Robert Pattinson can act.” ~Page MacKinley


THIS is what has happened- People DID give Pattinson a chance to show us he’s an ACTOR:


These are very exciting times, indeed, to observe the young man who simply wanted to be taken seriously as an ACTOR getting his wish. It must be supremely satisfying for him to know he’s gaining respect for his talent and his willingness to take risks. This is no fluke, this was hard work, patience, and good choices. (And a good performance in Cosmopolis of course.)~BuckyW


Now to the original post from March 26th, 2012:

We recently re-tweeted writer Page MacKinley’s post on movievine.com, which we consider an astute assessment of the reception of critics to Robert Pattinson the actor—B.C., that is “before Cronenberg.”

Well, it’s A.D. now (after David) for Mr. Pattinson, and the author has a lot to say.

We have reposted most of MacKinley’s piece here, where she speaks of how Pattinson’s tremendous success as the lead in the Twilight franchise and the nature of that young adult franchise, led critics and others to question his acting ability.

We direct the reader on to the original source for her excellent synthesis of reactions by critics to the Cosmopolis teaser.  LINK HERE

The title of the original movievine.com article is: “Cosmopolis Teaser Seismically Shifts Critics Perceptions of Robert Pattinson.” 

Ms. MacKinley, with italics ours for emphasis:

“Revolutions are usually bloody affairs. Sweaty, shouty, violent things that leave a grim taste in the mouth. But sometimes, just sometimes, they’re golden. March 22 was such a day. That was the day, of course, that the online release of David Cronenberg’s first Cosmopolis teaser 180’d the majority critical perception of Robert Pattinson. Critics, film outlets and a multitude of industry commentators previously queueing up to disparage Pattinson’s acting abilities are now saying just the opposite. In fact, they’re openly rapturous.

It wasn’t always thus. Unwilling—or perhaps unable—to see past Summit Entertainment’s YA-geared marketing of Pattinson, as the sensitive vampire rejuvenated by his love for a human teenager, most critics recoiled as Pattinson’s public persona became inextricably entwined with that of the fictional “super boy-friend” Edward Cullen. As the Twilight Saga franchise’s star rose—and that of its young leads-—so did the derision.

While some of the reasons for that can be laid at the door of promotional saturation by Summit, some of the past snark aimed at Pattinson was undeniably an allergic reaction to the massive commercial success of the Twilight Saga movies. $ 2.5 billion box office and counting—a figure that doesn’t even include DVD/Blu-ray, VOD and merch sales—the resulting popular ascension of Pattinson was viewed by many critics as kind of manufactured consent.

Witness the endless references to “Twi-hards” and fan “swooning” that inevitably accompanies any writeups about Pattinson, even for his non-Twilight roles, in itself a mistaken generalization about a multi-generation audience demographic, and often simply a sexist dismissal of its mostly female component. [The author characterizes some recent Pattinson’s films here, one we think premature, as it has not yet been released in most parts of the world.~BuckyW]

But now, remarkably, everything has changed. To quote an apt phrase; What a difference a day makes. 30 seconds of eye-popping imagery, scenes of Pattinson evidently well out of his comfort zone, have kicked off a chorus of delighted shock and optimism about Cosmopolis, the return of “old-school” Cronenberg, and his rebooted and re-loaded leading man.”
We’ve refer the reader here to the original article where the author speaks of how critics made premature assessments about this growing young actor who is still learning, how critics do indeed get things wrong with examples from the past, and finally her wonderful job synthesizing teaser reactions.

We do want to prominently highlight MacKinley’s closing comments, however, because they are simply, quite marvelous:

“So as, we approach April 19, when definitive word from Cannes Festival organizers will confirm whether (or not) Cosmopolis will show, and of course, the film’s actual release (present dates May 23, France and May 31, Portugal)—


what have we learnt?


Simply this: If you want to see the best from someone, whether actor, director, friend, or stranger, put hasty judgement to one side and they might just show you. As the dust of March 22 settles, this much is clear: Robert Pattinson can act.


Go on. Say it. Out loud.”


Reprinted from March 26, 2012 with permission, Page MacKinley and www.movievine.com
Both @pagemackinley and @movievine can be followed on twitter.
Original article at: movievine.com, includes more photos and teaser trailer.

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