Mathieu Amalric On Cronenberg, and “great guy” Pattinson

Here’s some excerpts from Mathieu Almarac’s interviewwith Jen Vineyard at The Playlist, relative to his role as the pastry assassin in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis. In the introduction excerpt some readers may learn of Amalric’s impressive resume on both sides of the camera. At the end, we highlight some quotes from the book and a web link in The Playlist story. 
Mathieu Amalric (IMDB)
[The Playlist story is entitled and begins asfollows:]
French Actor Mathieu Amalric Talks Directing ‘TheScreen Illusion’ & The Difficulties Of Pie-Throwing in Cronenberg’s’Cosmopolis’
You won’t see Mathieu Amalric inhis new film, “The Screen Illusion” — which is part of theRedez-vous with French Cinema Film Festival — because this time, he’s thedirector.
In fact, Amalric — best-known to Americanaudiences through his roles in “Munich, “Le Scaphandre etle Papillion” (“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly“),and “Quantum of Solace,” has been a director longer than he’sbeen an actor. As a teenager, he took a job as a trainee AD on LouisMalle‘s “Au Revoir les Enfants” and he won Best Directorat Cannes in 2010 for  “Tournee.” ” He has also worked withsome of France’s best directors, of course — among them ArnaudDesplechin and Alain Resnais — and he’ll next beseen in David Cronenberg‘s forthcoming “Cosmopolis,” playinga “pastry assassin” who creams Robert Pattinson inthe face as part of his mission to sabotage power and wealth worldwide. Amalric sat down with The Playlist to talkabout his philosophies on- and off-screen, and why he feels an actor is”nothing.”
[We skip here to references to Cosmopolis; the full interview can befound here…  ThePlaylist]
Well, I thought since you’re both anactor and a director, there might be some people you’d want to work with justso you could learn from, as a director…
That happens, or not, but you shouldn’t try to makeit happen. It’s life that is always more surprising than you believe it is.Always. I don’t wake up in the morning thinking, “I am an actor.” Idon’t need to act to feel alive. I don’t think about it. My life and myobsessions are more about making a film. Writing. Stealing time to write. Andso, when I do a thing as an actor, yes, I’m attracted to the director. Yes,there’s that. But there’s also friendship and destiny, no? To watch Cronenbergone day, two days, three days shooting, of course it’s amazing. But I neverthought about it before — I didn’t wish it to happen.
As the pastry assassin, you get tothrow a pie  in Robert Pattinson’s face and then give a six-pagemonologue.
Cronenberg is very close to the book. And Rob is agreat guy. Yeah, yeah — it’s a tough scene. I had to speak in English, and Cronenberg shot it in one sequence, where you do the whole scene in one shot.It was very physical, and I spoke so much. And you’re afraid, because it’s Cronenberg! [Laughs] But you manage to learn your lines, and I’m alwayssurprised when I manage to be able to say the words in complete order, youknow? I don’t know how it’s possible. But I think it’s going to be an amazingfilm, especially because he shot it in order, exactly as it happens in thebook, about a man who gets broken.
[Us again now:]
The Playlistlinks to an interesting news item and video from 1998, unfortunately showing a messy moment for the head of Microsoft:  BillGates gets hit by cream pie. Perhaps DeLillo was well aware of thisreal life “pastry assassin”? The “bad day” Bill Gates was in 1998 and Cosmopolis was published in 2003. A little DeLillo humor is evident (assassin figures he can creme the President anyday!)
Quotes from DeLillo’s Cosmopolis:

“He [Eric] began to understand. This wasAndre Petrescu, the pastry assassin, a man who stalked corporate directors,miliary commanders, soccer stars and politicians. He hit them in the face withpies. He blindsided heads of state under house arrest. He ambushed warcriminals and the judges who sentenced them.”

The assassin the speaks to Eric: “I amthree years waiting for this. Fresh baked only. I pass up President of theUnited States to make this strike. I creme him any time. You are majorstatement. I tell you this. Very hard to zero in on.”

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