Can We Say Cannes for Cosmopolis? Buzz Really Building….

We’ve been collecting Cannes speculation for Cosmopolis for a post and we all learn this week that France has lined up a distributor for the film, with a release date of May 23rd. The Cannes festival is May 16th to May 27th. This certainly is making us feel very optimistic. 

Cannes Film Festival 2012 (image via
Here’s the Cannes speculation we’ve collected to date, most recent first. We should note the buzz started long ago in September with Director David Cronenberg telling Variety at the Venice Film Festival that Cosmopolis was in post-production and “could go to Cannes.”  Our post & Variety link  Back last May, we heard a very early prediction for Cannes 2012 from Eric Lavallee of IonCinema, with Cosmopolis a film “we’d bet” on. ioncinema Source

March 9:  The Guardian in Report on Wes Anderson’s film to Open Cannes Festival Source
We’re updating this post (3/9) with new speculation that Cosmopolis may be “among the high-profile work” shown at the festival.
In similar style to last year’s festival opener – Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris – Moonrise Kingdom will be released across France on the same day as the Cannes screening. The rest of the Cannes lineup will be officially announced on 19 April, but there has been speculation that new films from David Cronenberg, Paul Thomas Anderson and Michael Haneke will be among the high-profile work at the festival. Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, an adaptation of a Don Delilo novel starring Robert Pattinson, will be looking for a big launch; [….]”
March 5th: IndieWire’s Wish List for Cannes  IndieWire Source
This isn’t Cannes speculation, but IndieWire is a reputable industry source read by many, and well, we just like what they have to say here… If the Cannes selection committee at all agrees, well…  Eric Kohn writes:
Cosmopolis” directed by David Cronenberg
“David Cronenberg has been working on a far more restrained note in recent years, exploring the realm of interpersonal relationships without the subversive edge of his earlier films. “Cosmopolis” finds him in more ambitious terrain, adapting Don DeLillo’s novel about a hotshot young Wall Street hustler in the near future facing the possibility that he might be the target of an assassination. A dark Cronenberg thriller is reason enough to get excited, but the project takes on a particularly strong amount of curiosity because the leading man role goes to Robert Pattinson (acting opposite Juliette Binoche and Paul Giamatti), who may have finally discovered a director willing to push him in bold new directions.”


February 28th:’s Cannes Lineup Speculation ropeofsilicon Source
There might be an outside chance forAndrew Dominik’s Cogan’s Trade  (September 21), Walter Salles’ On The Road and David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis.”  [Writer Brad Brevet notes that three of the films that premiered at Cannes last year went on to be nominated for Oscars: The Tree of Life, Midnight in Paris, and the eventual winner, The Artist.]

Mid-February: made several references to Cannes…
On Potential to be Contenders at Cannes Cineuropa Source

“Among those most likely to make it to Cannes are Love by Austrian director Michael Haneke, Angels Shares by English director Ken Loach, On the Road by Brasilian director Walter Salles, Cosmopolis by Canadian director David Cronenberg, Post Tenebras Lux by Mexican director Carlos Reygadas, The End by Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, Elefante blanco by Argentinian director Pablo Trapero, The Grandmaster by Chinese director Wong Kar-waï, Big House by Italian director Matteo Garrone, and Rust and Boneby French director Jacques Audiard.”
Kinology on European Film Market Buzz out of 62nd Berlinale Festival*
Cineuropa Source “The European Film Market at the 62nd Berlinale was buzzing for Franco-American production The We and the I by Michel Gondry (photo), pre-sold by the Parisian company Kinology. The new film by the director of Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind was filmed last year in New York in the Bronx, and follows high school students on the bus home on the last day of the school year. The film is a sort of study of group dynamics and the evolution of relationships as the bus gradually becomes emptier, and has been acquired in Berlin for several small territories, according to Grégoire Melin, who will unveil footage from the film a few weeks before Cannes, where he will also be counting on Cosmopolis by David Cronenberg (article), already pre-sold practically everywhere in the world.”
*Note: Robert Pattinson, lead in Cosmopolis had the premiere of his costume drama, Bel Ami at Berlinale, and the film is showing in some European markets now.

On the Busy Juliette Binoche (who stars with Pattinson in CosmopolisCineuropa Source
Released by ARP Selection today in over 200 French cinemas, actress Sylvie Testud’s first feature film as a director, The Life of Another [trailer] (article) is new proof of Juliette Binoche’s intense activity of late.

Juliette Binoche also stars in Elles [trailer, film focus] by Malgorzata Szumowska, a film that has been showing in France for now two weeks, that is being screened in the Panorama section at the ongoing Berlinale, and that will hit Poland’s cinemas on February 17. The French actress has just finished filming A Monkey on My Shoulder by Marion Lainé (article), and is soon to start acting in front of Bruno Dumont‘s camera in Camille Claudel. And then there is Cosmopolis by David Cronenberg (news), a film expected to do very well at the next Cannes Film Festival.

On Its Speculation About Highly Anticipated Films for 2012, Including Cosmopolis Source
Cosmopolis is #28 on their Top 100 most anticipated films of 2012.
List Worthy Reasons: Supplied with a strong Euro and North American cast, apparently Cronenberg’s adaptation of Don DeLillo’s work is fairly strong. The novel is a modern re-interpretation of James Joyce’s Ulysses smack dab in NYC’s corporate world.  Release Date/Status?: With Binoche and Amalric in the mix the logic is a grand Cannes red carpet premiere with plenty of buyer activity thinking of the fall season and milking it for Pattinson presence factor. If this becomes a fall release, look for a TIFF North American premiere.

IndieWire Puts “Good Money” on a debut at Cannes or Toronto IndieWire Source

Back in November, we posted IndieWire’s exclusive interview with David Cronenberg where writer Oliver Lyttelton commented on Cosmopolis and the possibility of Cannes or Toronto (TIFF):

And it sounds like fans will be pleased, and the doubters silenced, as the director couldn’t be happier with his choice. “He’s fantastic in it. They’ll see him do things they’ve never seen him do, believe me. They’ll be blown away,” he said. Cosmopolis doesn’t yet have a release date or distributor, but we’d put good money on a debut at Cannes or Toronto next year, before a fall 2012 release.”
We have a feeling there’s more buzz to come…. 


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