Sarah Gadon Talks on Strombo

On January 12, 2012 Sarah Gadon was interviewed by George Stroumboulopoulos, on the Canadian program Strombo about her film work, and thoughts about her life and budding career.

Here are some excerpts from the ten-minute interview (not in order.) You can watch the full video of Sarah’s interview here:


Sarah is, of course, asked about Cosmopolis. The exchange begins at [3:36.]

GS: “Who’s got crazier fans – well, let’s call them ‘passionate’ fans, Viggo Mortensen or Robert Pattinson?”

SG: “You know I thought it would be Rob, but then when we were in Venice Viggo has some diehard fans, and they just they love him! They freak out for him. But I think Rob doesn’t even have fans … he has this like, CIA. They know where he is, they know everything, they know every detail – they’re on it, so…. “
GS: “That means you’re in it! You know we have a photograph here – every time there’s a photo of you and him together … when you get caught up in that, does your life change at all, in any way?”

SG: “Well, I think when we were shooting I made a really strong effort to not pay attention to any press, or anything, because you’re so involved in these characters and in your work, and you don’t want anything on the outside to inform this working relationship that you’re creating, and so I really tried to block that out, but then afterwards when the shooting finished and people kept saying things to me I kind of thought wow you know – maybe that really was a whirlwind that we were caught up in.”

A Dangerous Method

Sarah was asked if she “took note” of what it felt like to approach Roy Thompson Hall at TIFF, a building she’s been to many times before, for a film made by a Toronto icon, Cronenberg? Sarah responded, “Of course, the whole process, I have been trying to take it all in [from first being cast, to filming, to TIFF], it was a huge moment for me and one I would always remember.” She related how excited she was, learning she booked the film while working on set on another, Dreamhouse, “I started freaking out in the trailer!”

Sarah spoke a bit about Cronenberg’s direction. “David is the kind of director that does for his actors whatever it is that they need him to be. For someone like Rob [new to Cronenberg, unlike Sarah], it was beautiful to see David really step in as kind of a very strong figure to help get through the film work; with Viggo, they’ve worked together so many times, it’s like clockwork, they know exactly what each person needs and what they are going to do.”

The Moth Diaries

Sarah’s film, The Moth Diaries, which comes to US theatres on April 20th, also played at TIFF (I attended this screening.) She explained she really wanted to work with the Director, Mary Harron, “who is a legend.” She relates that “she is really interesting because she’s one of the only female directors to have such large body of work as an independent filmmaker.” She wanted to have the experience of working with a Canadian female director, as she sees “how as much as something like culture can inform someone’s work, gender can as well. These varied experiences are important to development as an artist, she explains.

TIFF materials describe The Moth Diaries as “a chilling and evocative vampire tale set in an all-girls boarding school and former hotel nestled in the forested countryside. Sarah’s role is the schoolmate and best friend, Lucy, of the protagonist, Rebcca, played by Sara Bolger. Lucy is the center of Rebecca’s world, but a vampire student, Ernessa (Lily Cole) befriends Lucy, changing things.

The book is an adaptation of a popular novel by Rachel Klein. From TIFF again: “It’s a gothic horror genre populated almost entirely by young woman,” exploring “the psyche of adolescent girls in a provocative way.” I really enjoyed the film and the intelligent discussion of the work and the process by the three lead actresses, actor Scott Speedman, and the director.

The Personal Sarah
Sarah says she is very close to her family, which keeps her grounded.
She acknowledges that she does, indeed, make a conscious effort “to not lose yourself” in this business. Coming home to Toronto after travel, school, and real “friends you’ve known since you were a kid,” helps. She understands the industry is a “force,” but then “you come home and you recharge, you become the artist and you get inspired again.” Her mom encouraged her in her university education on film, as “in this industry people they take from you, ” but told her “a degree and an education is something no one can ever take away from you.”

As I noted when I heard her with the cast at The Moth Diaries premiere at TIFF, Sarah comes across an intelligent and thoughtful person, and very interested in being an artist on screen. She has a lovely laugh, and really endearing giggle. She’s so darling when she’s asked, “what do your parents think of all this?” as she giggles and glances towards them in the audience. [7:04]

Welcome to Twitter Sarah! @SarahGadon
Sarah says it was her New Year’s resolution to join twitter, “to claim my virtual self’, as people “were impersonating me, that is not me,” adding quite emphatically, “I have things to say and I will say them [laugh]!”



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