ARG Planned with Cronenberg Retrospective, TIFF Fall 2013

Is It Too Much to Hope for: Online Game Includes Eric and His Limo’s Adventures?
Cronenberg Retrospective and Augmented Reality Game Based on His Movies Planned for 2012 TIFF

What a way to start off our New Year with this post!

This news is simply … AWESOME. As reported by CinemaBlend, TIFF is planning a large interactive retrospective of Cronenberg’s work; the grant proposal for government funding was called, “The Worlds of David Cronenberg: An Augmented Reality Game.”

Think odds are good Cosmopolis will be front and center at TIFF? We think so!

From the TIFF website, via CinemaBlend:

The Toronto International Film Festival will create an online experience with a multi-platform augmented reality game, “The Worlds of David Cronenberg.” This web application will allow users to explore items in the archive and use them in an interactive, online experience. The application is staged in phases that progress into an augmented reality experience and will use a combination of social media technologies, locative services and 3D-photo modeling technology in stylized social-media meets psychological-thriller game play.

[Check out the video on the link for example of what a game can look like]

Excerpts from Cinemablend’s story:

· ARG is essentially any game where the real world is augmented by a computer generated sensory experience.
· Now imagine the gaming experience will be extrapolated online and onto multiple platforms, including social media tools and locative services (like GPS), and utilizing the latest 3D modeling technology in order to recreate the characters, narratives and worlds of David Cronenberg’s films. And you get to use all this advanced tech in what the TIFF proposal describes as “stylized social-media meets psychological-thriller game play.”
· Could you possibly think of a more fitting tribute (or retrospective) for the man known for his exploration of the mind, the body and our ever changing and immersive relationship with technology than this? (…) A natural profession of the ideas he explored in Videodrome, [and] eXistenZ is about the future of gaming as well as the accompanying loss of agency and blurring reality that comes with the exploration of virtual worlds achieved through a marriage of biology and technology.
· We’ll all get a chance to immerse ourselves in the fantastical, deranged and oddly beautiful worlds that David Cronenberg has created over the last 40 years. I don’t fully know what to expect, all I know is I can’t wait to find out more… but I’m not getting a bio-port.

Now it’s me again- I personally cannot wait to attend TIFF this year. I have written and will soon post “A Fan Account: First-Timer at TIFF 2011″ (don’t judge me for being late to the party!!), where I was lucky enough to score tickets to the premiere of A Dangerous Method (film review to come.) I, of course, vowed I would attend again in 2012, hoping to see Cosmopolis there.

Now, I could NOT be more excited after reading about this planning retrospective of Cronenberg’s work. Please, please TIFF organizers and Project Manager, ARG, let’s have game play include a simulation of Eric’s high-tech limo on its adventures on 47th street!

Or I’d be ok with a low-tech version where I can go for a spin in a real limo with Mr. Pattinson and Mr. Cronenberg….



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