Bloomberg News Interview with David Cronenberg

Rick Warner at talked with David Cronenberg recently in New York City where Dronenberg’s film, A Dangerous Method will be opening this week. The talk centered around the film, insects, psychotherapy and Cosmopolis.

Warner: Your next film, Cosmopolis, is based on Don DeLillo’s novel about a billionaire investor riding across Manhattan in a limo. It doesn’t sound all that cinematic, so what was the attraction?

Cronenberg: You’re right, there’s no insects and just a little violence. But it’s a story that flows beautifully. And just because a lot of it takes place in a limo doesn’t mean it’s boring. Lebanon takes place inside an Israeli tank and Das Boot is all inside a submarine.

Warner: The film stars Robert Pattinson of The Twilight Saga series. Do you think he can escape his vampire pigeonhole?

Cronenberg: He’s a terrific actor, which will be obvious when you see the movie. Any director who’s looking to see what he can do will see that he can do a lot.

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