Paul Giamatti and Robert Pattinson Mention Cosmopolis

With the press tours going on for Robert Pattinson’s Water for Elephants and Paul Giamatti’s Win, Win and Barney’s Version, we are getting some great little tidbits about Cosmopolis.

Paul Giamatti, in an interview with Vicky Roach for, was asked about Robert Pattinson’s fans

Then it’s on to David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis with Robert Pattinson. Are you ready for R-Pat’s fans? They’re pretty loud.

When a friend of mine heard I was doing this movie, and he was in it, she completely freaked out. But I’m just so blissfully unaware of this stuff, I wasn’t even taking in the fact that it’s the Twilight guy.

Magazine Entertainment Weekly’s interview article has Robert Pattinson humorously touching on his preparing for the role of Eric Packer.

EW: And after you do press for Elephants, you’re going straight into shooting David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis?
RP: Yes, I’m so excited, and I’m freaking out. I have no prep time, and it’s a Don DeLillo book with semi-obscure dialogue, and I have to change my body shape quite a bit. I’m playing one of those master’s of the universe types, and I have to have about 6 percent body fat…which means I need to lose about 70 percent. [laughs]

EW: So it’s gym time.

Entertainment via Robert Pattinson

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