• "Let it express itself.... What. Do nothing.... Let it express itself. "
  • "Talent is more erotic when it's wasted.... What did I mean?"
  • "Nancy Babich."
  • "I smell sex all over you. "
  • "How old are you? Now that you’re not younger than everyone else?"
  • "The present is harder to find."
  • "Your whole waking life is a contradiction."
  • "Money makes time. It used to be the other way around."
  • "Destroy the past, make the future."
  • "People eat and sleep in the shadow of what we do."
  • "You lack of humor, Mr. Packer."
  • "You need to be inflamed, don’t you?"
  • "A haircut has what. Associations. Calendar on the wall. Mirrors everywhere."
  • "There’s a poem I read where the rat becomes the unit of currency."
  • "Holes are interesting. There are books about holes."
  • There was no friend he loved enough to harrow with a call. What was there to say? It was a matter of silences, not words.
  • "Good. I'm hungry for something thick and chewy."
  • "Is this what I wanted? Tell me what you wanted. Duck consommé with an herb twist."
  • "Any special reason we’re in the car instead of the office? .... What makes you think we’re in the car instead of the office? "
  • "Because I stink. Smell me."
  • "What. You don't know this?"
  • "You will hit traffic that speaks in quarter inches. "
  • "There’s nothing in the world but other people."
  • "I want to eat lunch. You want to eat lunch. We’re people in the world. We need to eat and talk. "
  • "Move a little left.... Move a little left? .... There. Nice. Perfect."
  • "The urge to destroy is a creative urge."
  • "You will have to draw your weapon. Let me see the thing."
  • "We die, Jane, on weekends. People. It happens. We die because it’s the weekend."
  • "A specter is haunting the world - The specter of capitalism."
  • When he died he would not end. The world would end.
  • "I want a haircut.... The President’s in town...We don’t care. We need a haircut. We need to go cross-town."
  • "Today you are crèmed by the master."
  • "That's my peanuts you smell."
  • "I never seen such ratty hair on a human... I woke up this morning and knew it was time....You knew where to come. "
  • "The importance of the lopsided, the thing that's skewed a bit."
  • "... But the phenomenon of reputation is a delicate thing. A person rises on a word and falls on a syllable."

David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson’s Second Film, ‘Maps To The Stars’ Making Many 2014 “most anticipated film” lists

Maps To The Stars

Does this feel like “deja vu” for all who watch Cosmopolis head to the screen in 2012? I have a master post COLLECTION of the lists made- to be continually updated- over at my blog dedicated to that film, mapstothestars-film.com.

Here’s the direct link: 2014 “Most Anticipated Film” (or similar) Lists Made by ‘Maps To The Stars’ – Our COLLECTION & links”

Critics’ High Praise for Robert Pattinson’s Career-Making Performance in ‘Cosmopolis’ (Collected Quotes, last update 2/2/14)

Best of 2012 Lists: Cosmopolis Critical Acclaim for Cosmopolis Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson - New Horizons

All through 2012, films critics raved about Robert Pattinson’s performance. This post will leave the reader with no doubt about that. We first have a convincing short-story, in a very impressive list of adjectives collectively used to describe Rob’s achievement playing Eric Packer. Following that is the longer-story- well worth the time- of direct quotes from top critics and bloggers.

TRAILER: Excl. “First Trailer” ‘Maps To The Stars’ From Telerama France – You’ll Love This!

Maps To The Stars Trailer

Oh, this is fun now! Check out what google translate tells me is an exclusive first trailer for Maps To The Stars thanks to Telerama.fr!
Cronenberg is in da house!

WATCH: Maps To The Stars trailer

Exclu : la première bande-annonce de «Maps to…

“Rob With Guns” – Rey in ‘The Rover’ and Eric Packer in ‘Cosmopolis’

Official Stills

Someone beat me to it- a pic on twitter of Robert Pattinson’s movie characters (so far!) with guns. (I did one on “Rob in Cars” for my Maps To The Stars Film Blog HERE.) Someone else found this quote I vaguely recalled from Rob. Perhaps he’ll have another gun tramping through the rainforest in The Lost City of Z?

“I want to do something where I have a gun, get to run around a little bit.

Cosmopolis & Robert Pattinson- Unique Photo on distributor Tanweer Group’s Web Site

Distribution Robert Pattinson

I’ve noticed how attractive and colorful Tanweer Films website is before, but hadn’t noticed this before- its page on Cosmopolis. I love the urban landscape in background, and a different photo of Robert Pattinson in a suit than what we’ve always seen with his costuming for Eric Packer.

Source: Tanweer Group Site (home page).

The David Cronenberg Virtual Exhibition is Up at TIFF – Bookmark this Link!

David Cronenberg David Cronenberg - Career and Films TIFF

Just look at this! Like being a kid in a candy store for David Cronenberg fans, right?
Link to:  The Virtual Cronenberg Exhibition.tiff.net   @TIFF_NET 

Source in link above, via

tweet later @TIFF_NET  The Cronenberg Virtual Exhibition is live! Explore artifacts, rare film clips from the archives http://ow.

VIDEO TIFF’s David Cronenberg Virtual Museum: “Behind the Scenes: Cosmopolis: A Specter is Haunting the World” – LOVE THIS!

TIFF Video Videos of Filming

MUST SEE: Love the content, love the voiceover, love “firing up” the protesters, Cosmopolis fans, you must watch this.  Text from the TIFF page for “Field Study  #5″:

Much of Cosmopolis takes place in the back of Eric Packer’s (Robert Pattinson) limo, which has been cork lined—or “Prousted”—to block out the sounds of the external world. While the limo provides a very intimate setting for Eric and his occasional companions as they make their way through the streets of New York, more than 160 extras were employed as the mob of protestors running rampant outside of the car. This video takes a closer look at the sound design of this film, and the technical challenges of balancing the chaos of a crowd with the extreme quiet inside the limo.

-> Robert Pattinson fans, watch him after “cut” at 2:17. Besides being so talented, you can see why he has so many fans & co-workers love working with him!


David Cronenberg’s CSA Lifetime Achievement Award – Toronto Life & CBC Stories

David Cronenberg David Cronenberg - Career and Films

Two stories about David Cronenberg receiving this award Sunday night appear at my film fan site and blog on his upcoming Maps To The Stars. (Cosmopolis star Sarah Gadon also won for supporting actress in Enemy.) CLICK HERE to read.

David Cronenberg Honored Last Night: Robert Pattinson & Viggo Mortensen Attend @AcademyNet Event


[This first published at my mapstothestars-film.com film fan site/blog:] Well, this was a fun find! Wondered with Robert Pattinson being in Toronto for the filming of Anton Corbijn’s Life (in the city proper yesterday) might we hear he met up with his director for Maps To The Stars. A trifecta!!! Mortensen and Pattinson with him.

News to Date: David Cronenberg’s “Consumed: A Novel” [exclusive book image f/EW]

David Cronenberg - Career and Films Novel: "Consumed" (David Cronenberg)

I’ve been posting at my maptothestars-film.com film site and my lookingformorefilmblog.com* anything I can find about David Cronenberg’s novel “Consumed.” Today there’s a story out at EW that has the first image of the book cover. Here it is and I also bring in links to my other posts on this novel so far. One is an interview with the director, now novelist.

Here’s the producer of Cosmopolis and Maps To The Stars Martin Katz tweeting about this, too:

@martinfkatz  Guess who has written a novel coming out this fall! @Academy_NET @cameron_tiff @caitcronenberg @SarahGadon  http://shelf-life.ew.com/2014/03/04/see-the-cover-of-consumed-by-david-cronenberg-exclusive/ …


Pattinson’s Very Positive Career Trajectory- Cronenberg Started It Off…

Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson - Film Project Status ALL IN ONE

…and other auteurs followed! A really great overview of the impressive slate of films Robert Pattinson has coming out in his post-Twilight career. I like the spotlighting on David Cronenberg starting the cascade of projects and respectability. [I don't see career rehab as Pattinson's need or situation, but I'll interpret in its context, as he's making a noticeable and positive transition in his career.] Like me, you may read this and recall what David Cronenberg saying during Cosmopolis promotion in 2012- that one day Twilight won’t be Rob’s past, Cosmopolis will be his past:

Edward Davis today from The Playlist:

The Playlist: David Cronenberg mention in story on Profile of Directors Who Never Won an Oscar (yet)

David Cronenberg David Cronenberg - Career and Films

David Cronenberg is mentioned in @ThePlaylist in group of film directors “some of whom will surely pick up a Directing statue in future years.” This is not the purpose of the story, but it is nice buzz for Mr. Cronenberg. Look at the quality of the company he keeps here![This post also published today at mapstothestars-film.

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